#1 Reviewing “Wearing Gay History”

Welcome to my blog for Digital History 390-03.

The website, Wearing Gay History provides an elaborate archive for the user to explore numerous gay rights shirts throughout the world. On the homepage there are numerous hyperlinks and a menu bar connecting you to different parts of the site.

One of the best features prominently displayed is an interactive world map, where you can see different gay shirts pin pointed on there, with further information available to click on. It makes it extremely easy to find what you are looking for or simply explore a country you were curious about.

While there is a lot of information can potentially burden the website with messiness or clutter, it does a good job at remaining sleek and simplistic while maintaining a large bulk of information. From the menu bar, when you click the T-Shirts option it brings you to the reason you are on the website: to see the gay t-shirts.

It boats an impressive amount of data, 4247 items and each t-shirt has its own description, geolocation, citations, and tags to categorize it (which can be further seen on their Collections page).  They also have the ability to comment on the shirts and interact with other site users in those comments.

The website clearly knows it audience and does a good job catering to it (as it never goes off track). It’s also accessible, educational, and utilizes widgets (the map, comments, etc.) and has a contact page.

Surprisingly there is no favicon for the website. Another area they could work on is setting up a sort of blog or updates page, or some way to connect the website to outside projects and that way they could expand their traffic more? That might be overbearing however and it certainly isn’t needed. There’s also no donations option available, which is a plus and negative as it can appear annoying and berates users, however I am sure many users would donate if given the chance. All in all I rate Wearing Gay History 8/10.