About me

I focus on Headshot and Portrait Photography but I do all kinds of photography and love to diversify.

I’m a rising senior at George Mason University studying Film and Video with a minor in Communications. One of my favorite classes has been Cinematography I and II with Professor Damien Coor. I am fascinated by lighting design; how we can shape and soften people’s faces with light even before the image gets to the camera.

In my spare time I love walking my two dogs, binge-watching a show in the background while editing photos / videos, currently through season 7 of the original Charmed (that 90’s nostalgia!) and I love eating inappropriate amounts of crab wantons or cookie dough when I have a cheat day. Or Peruvian food! Or Thai sticky rice with mango.

I’m also a coffee fanatic. Nitro from Starbucks or cute lattes from Thailand, I need it all!

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